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This new boom is easy to extend or retract making storage or transportation simple. For use in High Rise Building Construction or any other situation where a load needs placed accurately. Put your crane back to work with a Flying Forklift and the new Adjustable Boom. No more drifting the hook.


Place loads 13 feet under enclaved cantilevered areas or any floors on the side of a building. Use for delivering formwork or other materials from floor to floor.


The new and improved Flying Forklift with an Adjustable Boom is capable of offsetting a 4000 lb load 13 feet out. The Adjustable Boom is a must for all trades to place materials on the floor exactly where it is needed, saving time and money!


Transporting the Flying Forklift with its big work attitude yet its small footprint of 6x16 feet can easily be transported by H-D Utility/Car Trailer or Flatbed Truck.

Anyone Can Do It!!

Anyone Can Do It!


Electronic Counterweight System.

Extentable boom allows for loading into buildings with concave structures.

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